Picture Lock! Finally!

After a very long road, we are proud to announce the stand-alone feature-length version of CLAPBOARD JUNGLE has reached picture lock! We have just started submitting the film to festivals. Simultaneously, we are working on an 8-episode educationally-focused companion series. Both components will see release at some point in 2020, and we sincerely appreciate your patience over the years as this project was completed. We are very happy to be at this point, but still have a lot of work ahead. More details should be available soon.

New target release date / new interviews / continued production

Hello everyone! I would like to first of all state that post-production continues, but so does production, simultaneously. There is so much footage to go through that post work needs to be continuous while we shoot the last bit of the film. I also personally just shot a new feature film called RED MILE, and traveled to Cannes once more, the footage from both to be included in the CLAPBOARD JUNGLE (and supporting additional content). There are also trips upcoming to NY and Fantasia (in Montreal), with the goal to get the last of our interviews recorded by end of summer.

Overall, production will continue until late Fall 2016, with a new release date targeted for March or April 2017. I’ll continue to keep everyone posted as all of this draws near.

The decision to push the release date back is due to multiple factors. Not reaching our Indiegogo fundraising goal meant that our proposed post-production schedule is taking more time due to lack of manpower, I personally didn’t feel I had a good enough ending for the main film yet (which will be remedied this Fall, more details on that soon), and we have been in discussions with some exciting new partners that may help us elevate the project (and subsequent distribution). At the end of the day, the decision is what is best for the film, and has been made to give you the best ‘bang for your buck’ possible.

Regardless, I apologize for the lack of frequent updates. The project is ongoing, I’m just personally too busy to keep posting. This will all ramp up closer to the release date, of course.

Thanks for your patience, and I can’t wait to share what we’ve been creating over these past few years!

Thank you,
Justin McConnell

New interviews obtained / AFM / Indigogo campaign continues

We just returned from our trip to the American Film Market (AFM). During the market, multiple meetings were taken and lots of new footage was obtained. In addition to that, a slew of new interviews were collected while in LA, including: Michael Biehn (actor/director – The Terminator, Aliens), Charles Band (CEO – Full Moon Features / director – Puppet Master), Mike Mendez (director – Big Ass Spider, Tales of Halloween), Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (actor/producer – Dark Angel, The Victim), Uwe Boll (director – Rampage, Postal), L Gustavo Cooper (director – June, Velvet Road) and Jessica Cameron (actor/director – Truth or Dare, Mania)!

The Indiegogo campaign continues. At this point the fundraising has been slow going, but there is still 22 days left. Please help if you can.

Indiegogo campaign now launched / new poster

The Indiegogo campaign for the film has now launched, and can be viewed here. We are raising funds for the post-production of the film, and massive amount of additional content that will be available. The page also clearly explains the plans for the film’s release, eventual subscription-based website, and more. If you can, please help and/or spread the word through your social media. Every little bit helps.

We are also shooting the entire process of the campaign for a crowd-funding module and the film itself. The page also unveils two new pieces of news: Chris Alexander has joined the team as an associate producer, and we have brand new poster artwork by Small Dog Design.

Long time, no post…

The reality of basically self-producing a feature length documentary while simultaneously working full-time within the film industry means that some of the social media and web posting can fall by the wayside. Especially this early in the game (while production is still ongoing and we are a year out from release). This is just a general update stating that production on this documentary has continued steadily, including trips to Brussels and Cannes. Over 70 interviews have been collected at this point, with even more at the upcoming Fantasia Film Festival later this month.

We have recently had some great new key art created by Small Dog Design, which we will be unveiling in August, along with some other big news. Until that time, this site will remain basically quiet. The documentary has a very ambitious future ahead of it, and soon this site will spring to new life.

In the meantime, you can listen to me talk more about the plans for this film on the Craft Truck Podcast.


Interview Subject Profile #2: Noboru Iguchi

It has been important to me to get a vast array of perspectives on camera in the creation of this documentary. Iguchi is a unique example of a director working independently within a foreign film industry (Japan), who has managed to find more success for his films outside of his native country. His cult hits, such as The Machine Girl and Dead Sushi, are among the more well-known genre releases to come out of Japan in the last decade.

More fascinating, the light he sheds on the process he uses for creating a film speaks to a true indie spirit. Often times shooting without permits, pulling off large action sequences among the actual public, he offers some truly amusing insights.

I interviewed him this past summer, while attending the Fantasia International Film Festival (at which his over-the-top fun film Live played). The over an hour long interview is entirely in Japanese, which will make it a challenge when editing. I’m going to have to hire a translator to subtitle the entire thing before I know what I want to use. Luckily, this gives me even more incentive to put more of it out there, when the time comes.


Interview Subject Profile #1: Jon Reiss

In collecting interviews for this film, the goal has been to get as wide a spectrum of opinions and experiences as possible. Once a week I will be posting a brief profile of a different interview subject, including why I believe they bring valuable insight to the table.

I was first made aware of Jon Reiss a little while ago, when someone recommended I read his excellent book Think Outside the Box Office. After a little research, I realized he was a fountain of new-era distribution knowledge, and reached out to schedule the interview, which was recently shot in LA.

As the director of several films, Jon had some very interesting experiences when it came to releasing his doc Bomb It!, inspiring him to write Think Outside the Box Office. I read most of the book on the plane en route to LA, and was blown away by the approach. As well as, to be honest, a little scared.

What Jon is suggesting in his book is exactly the wake up call the indie scene needs. The old distribution and marketing models can still work, but only for the smallest percentage of films created each year. For everyone else, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and accept the amount of work required to make a film a success in the current market.

The interview I recorded with Jon was full of great information, but for a much deeper understanding of his message, read his books.


Site Launch / Continued Production

Welcome to CLAPBOARD JUNGLE, the new documentary from director Justin McConnell. Intended as a survival guide for the modern independent filmmaker, head on over to the About The Film section for more details, and check out the extensive list of interview subjects that have already been recorded.

The film has been in production since February 2014, quietly shooting under the codename ‘Slate & Game’. Since then we’ve collected 56 interviews so far, and shot countless hours of supporting footage. Most recently, a trip to LA was completed in which 16 interviews were obtained, including with such notable figures as Tom Holland, Brian Yuzna, Dick Miller and more!