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Interview Subject Profile #2: Noboru Iguchi

It has been important to me to get a vast array of perspectives on camera in the creation of this documentary. Iguchi is a unique example of a director working independently within a foreign film industry (Japan), who has managed to find more success for his films outside of his native country. His cult hits, such as The Machine Girl and Dead Sushi, are among the more well-known genre releases to come out of Japan in the last decade.

More fascinating, the light he sheds on the process he uses for creating a film speaks to a true indie spirit. Often times shooting without permits, pulling off large action sequences among the actual public, he offers some truly amusing insights.

I interviewed him this past summer, while attending the Fantasia International Film Festival (at which his over-the-top fun film Live played). The over an hour long interview is entirely in Japanese, which will make it a challenge when editing. I’m going to have to hire a translator to subtitle the entire thing before I know what I want to use. Luckily, this gives me even more incentive to put more of it out there, when the time comes.