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March 14, 9:30pm
BITS Spring Tour - One Night Only
Apollo Cinema, Kitchener, Ontario


February 1st, 5pm, Espace LAC
February 1st, 10:30pm, Casino Theater
February 2nd, 9am, Casino Theater
February 2nd, 4:30pm, Paradiso
February 3rd, 2pm, MCL
Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival
Gerardmer, France

December 28th (2018) - January 3rd (2019)
Toronto - Carlton Cinema
Ottawa - Mayfair Theatre
Calgary - Globe Theatre

Western USA Premiere - December 5th, 9pm
Another Hole In The Head
San Francisco, California
Director in Attendance
WINNER: Audience Award - Best Foreign Feature

December 2nd, 5:30pm
Super Geek Film Fest (Louisville Supercon)
Louisville, Kentucky

Nordic Premiere - November 21st - 25th
Night Visions
Helsinki, Finland
Preview screening: Nov. 3rd
Director in Attendance

Spanish Premiere - November 9th - 18th
Molins de Rei (Terror Molins)
Barcelona, Spain
Director in Attendance
WINNER: Audience Award - Being Different Section

New Zealand Premiere - November 3rd, 4pm
Terror-Fi Film Festival
Wellington, New Zealand

Mexican Premiere - November 2nd, 5:40pm
Morbido Film Festival
Mexico City, Mexico
Director and Producer in Attendance

African Premiere - November 1st, 8:30pm
South African Horrorfest
Cape Town, South Africa
WINNER: Best Director, Best Poster

October 31, 6:30pm
Nantes, France

October 28th, 8pm
Frightening Ass Film Festival (Chattanooga Film Festival)
Chattanooga, Tennessee

October 27th, 5pm
IFI Horrorthon
Dublin, Ireland

October 26th, 7pm
Desmond District Demons
Port Huron, Michigan, USA
WINNER: Audience Award for Best Feature

October 21st, 10am
Celluloid Screams
Sheffield, UK

October 21st, 2:30pm
The Dead of Night Film Festival
Liverpool, UK
WINNER: Best Director

Western Canada Premiere - October 21st, 1pm
Edmonton, Alberta

October 20th, 7:30pm
Durham Region International Film Festival
Oshawa, Canada

Toronto Premiere - October 16th, 9:30pm
Toronto After Dark Film Festival
Toronto, Canada
Cast and Crew in Attendance
WINNER: Best Practical Effects

October 5th, 10:30am
Manchester, UK

Asian Premiere, October 4th - 13th
Busan International Film Festival
Busan, South Korea
Director and Producer in Attendance

Ontario Premiere - September 18th, 3:30pm
Cinefest Sudbury
Sudbury, Canada
Cast and Crew in Attendance

French Premiere - September 10th, 6pm & September 16th, 7:30pm
L'Etrange Film Festival
Paris, France
Director in Attendance

Netherlands Premiere - August 31st, 7pm
BUT Film Festival
Breda, The Netherlands

International Premiere - August 24th, 9pm & August 26th, 11:15am
London, UK
Director and Producer in Attendance

World Premiere - July 20th, 7:45pm
Fantasia Film Festival
Montreal, Canada
Cast and Crew in Attendance

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