We are long overdue for not only a news update, but a complete website overhaul. This will be worked on in the coming months, and is part of the reason updates have been so slow. The majority of the updating is being done via social media these days. We can say that 2015 was a big year for the company, having expanded our client base significantly. We have authored dozens of home video releases since the last update, cut quite a few trailers, made a documentary for the new Blu-ray of Black Christmas, and continued to shoot Clapboard Jungle. Multiple films are still in development as well, with the hope to go to camera on one or two by the end of this year. Plus we produced and shot a new short film called Do You See What I See?, which will do a festival run this year before being released online this coming Xmas.

Long time, no update! There is a great deal on the go here at UG. First of all, we optioned a novel entitled Kane, from NY Times Bestselling-author Michael Prescott (originally released as Douglas Borton). The fourth draft of the screenplay adaption has just been completed, and the project was accepted to Fantasia International Film Festival's prestigious Frontieres Co-Production Market (as an Off-Frontieres selection). The film's title is Mark of Kane, and the team will be present at the market this coming July to take meetings and shop the project.

Production has begun on a new feature-length documentary, with the working title of 'Slate & Game'. Details are being kept under wraps for the time being. 'Tripped' has been moved forward in the slate, which means The Eternal is sadly being pushed back, again. Development on that continues, and there will come a time when that project will be created at the budget required, but it will be a little further down the road. On the client services front, we have recently cut a slew of movie trailers for clients Anchor Bay, IFC Midnight, Raven Banner and Goldrush Entertainment. Check the new 'Movie Trailers' section in the 'Releases' drop-down menu to see them. As a note, we now offer closed-captioning at competative rates, and DCP trailer creation.

Little Terrors just wrapped it's third season in May, and will return in September for Year 4. The 'Highlight' program will once again return to Rue Morgue Festival of Fear this August, so be sure to attend and catch up on the best of what you've missed. More to come, eventually!

Another busy year on the books here at UG, and it isn't over yet! From now until the end of the year, we're holding a Holiday Customer Appreciation Sale, in which clients can receive huge discounts on services we provide. We also have a sale going for copies of Skull World on either Blu-ray or DVD (the film is currently available on home video and VOD all over the world)!

Little Terrors is still going strong each month. On the feature film side, The Eternal is still on hold pending full-finance (it has been a very long road with this film). In the meantime, we are developing and planning to shoot another micro-budget horror film, currently titled 'Tripped', in Spring 2014. More updates in the new year!

Many months have passed since the last news update, and business has continued in the face of tragedy. We are excited to announce the long-awaited world premiere of Skull World is coming up next month, on March 22nd, as part of the Canadian Film Fest. Much more news on this title is coming soon. Development on The Eternal continues, as well as the web series Rub One Out, and the expansion of our post-production and BluRay/DVD authoring services. Finally, Little Terrors continues to run strongly every month at our new home MLT Carlton Cinema.

It is with indescribable sadness to report the passing of long-time UG creative partner Kevin Hutchinson. He has been an invaluable part of the team since the very beginning, and this loss is a huge tragedy for everyone involved. Together he and Justin McConnell have worked to build this company from the ground up, and his ideas and work will not be lost. There are 5 as-of-yet unproduced features he is co-creator on, as well as two series (one web, one television), and an upcoming completed short named 'Eviction'. His talent was a huge part of UG's current success, but rest assured we will press forward. His ideas must live on. He was also the artist providing all of the artwork for the Little Terrors short film events, and recently painted a new original piece to be used as a poster for Skull World. Any proceeds or financial share from his contribution will now go to help his son. This is a very sad day.

It has been exactly 1 year since our Canadian theatrical premiere of The Collapsed, and so much has happened it's difficult to keep track of. From a prolific and award-winning film festival run, to a number of guest appearances at conventions, the film has helped the company grow in a big way. We are now just over a week away from the feature-loaded North American release on June 5th, via Anchor Bay, before the UK release on June 11th, via Lionsgate Films. Visit the film's homepage for order details, and a much more clear picture of the 6 months since the last news update.

On other fronts, after over 3 years of production and a year of post, Skull World is now complete and eyeing a summer film festival premiere. This unique documentary is truly something special, and we can't wait to share it with audiences. Additionally, UG is eyeing production on a few short films and a web series before the end of the year, as well as our long in development The Eternal. We have also recently shot a new music video for Luca Mele, authored/mastered multiple BluRay & DVD releases for Anchor Bay Canada, and a number of film ad campaigns for Vagrant Films Releasing. Last, but not least, the Little Terrors Short Film Series is still going strong, and approaching our 1 year anniversary in July.

So much has happened in the past few months, this may be a long update! First of all, news on The Collapsed. We're proud to announce that Anchor Bay Canada has acquired all home video rights within the territory, joining New Select in Japan as distributors getting behind the film. Three other countries have picked up the film at this point, and we'll have specfic details on all of this in the coming weeks. The film is in the middle of an extensive film festival run, having played 13 festivals in North America over the last several months, with more to come. Lead actor John Fantasia was nominated for best actor at Buffalo Screams, and the film has been nominated for 'Killer Cinematography' and 'Killer Score' at Killer Film Festival this coming weekend. Check the events page for all details, with new screening dates always announcing there first. The film will see an early 2012 release in North America, with the rest of the world pending. Extensive press and reviews have built up as well, so be sure to check that out. Also, major Youtube horror trailer HorrorNymphs has begun hosting the trailer, gaining the film over 40,000 views in less than 2 months! Finally, the film will be represented once again at this year's American Film Market, by our great sales agents at Raven Banner Entertainment. Distributors for remaining territories should inquire about rights.

Post-production on Skull World is drawing to a close in the coming month or so, with the over 220 hours of raw footage shaping into something truly unique. The film will also be represented by Raven Banner Entertainment at AFM this year, and will begin it's festival run in early 2012.

Our recently launched short film series Little Terrors holds it's 5th event later this month. The events, co-promoted by Rue Morgue Magazine, are building in attendance steadily. It's great to see the horror community come out and embrace short film insanity! Thanks must be extended to the Projection Booth for letting us host the event there each month.

Last, but certainly not least, we must re-affirm our committment to bring The Eternal to screens as soon as possible. Now that The Collapsed is done and heading toward release, we've circled back around to our project, with the goal of shooting in early 2012. Big developments are happening on this end, and we can't wait to share them with you. We did what we had to do, and taking the side-trip into producing 'The Collapsed' was absolutely the right choice. Director/co-writer/co-producer Justin McConnell will once again be travelling to AFM this year in support of the project (from Nov. 4 - 9), with a great team backing him up. Interested parties should contact him.

The Canadian theatrical release of The Collapsed went successfully, with the film being played in 3 cities, and held over for a second week in Toronto! It is now airing on Superchannel, and our US festival run has just begun. Last weekend it premiered at the Fangoria Film Festival/Days of the Dead, and it plays at Fright Night Film Fest in a few weeks. There are many more screenings coming, which will be announced as they happen. Check out the press section for many new positive reviews on the film, and exclusive interview/TV segments.

We're wrapping up post-production on Skull World over the next couple of months, and looking to the future. The Eternal is still high on our priority list. Finally, we were commissioned to design a poster campaign for legendary actor Michael Rooker's Emmy push, the results of which are in press and here. CHUD asks if it's "The greatest award campaign of all time?" here.

Worldwide buzz for The Collapsed continues to grow, leading up to our first national theatrical release in Canada - May 27th (programmed by Vagrant Films Releasing)! A new trailer has recently been released online. The film was also acquired by New Select in Japan, and Superchannel in Canada (premiering June 10th @ 9pm). The film has also received glowing reviews from major sources Fangoria and Ain't It Cool News. Additional release news coming soon.

Post-production on Skull World continues, with our first festival screeners ready in June. These new films are the first step toward a great feature film slate, including the delayed but 'far-from-forgotten' production of The Eternal. Keep checking for updates.

Skull World has just wrapped production with a climactic shoot in Australia. Both it and The Collapsed have been acquired for worldwide sales by the great group at Raven Banner Entertainment. Film festival and release information will be posted as it becomes available.

Production of The Collapsed went absolutely great. The film is currently in post-production, and is shaping up to be something very good. Screeners will be available to interested parties, upon request, in early November 2010 (the film will be represented at AFM). The trailer will premiere online on Halloween night, but a big-screen trailer sneak peak is happening at the Toronto Underground Cinema in Toronto this week.

A new trailer and website for Skull World is now online. The film continues production until late-December, culminating in an extended visit to the Box Wars Council in Melbourne, Australia. UG crews will make the journey to finish this film off in style. Keep checking back here for more updates as they become available.

Since the last update, a lot has occured. First of all, UG will be postponing the production of The Eternal until 2011, in the wake of what is decidedly a very difficult finance market. In the meantime, there are two other films being finished in 2010 - the long-term production Skull World wraps up in December, and a new horror/thriller entitled The Collapsed shoots August - September 2010. The new thriller will be shot entirely on the RED 4K camera system, utilizing the same crew from The Eternal. Both films are expected to see release in 2011.

Short film prequel Ending The Eternal airs again on Movieola in August, and Working Class Rock Star recently aired on Superchannel. It will air again in September. Check back soon for more updates.

As the year continues there is much to tell. Unstable Ground reps Justin McConnell and Lorne Gross recently returned from AFM (American Film Market), where they shopped their high impact slate: The Eternal, Foster's Bane, Skull World, and the completed film Working Class Rock Star. The newly shot "The Eternal - AFM Teaser Trailer" has helped build big buzz in the international horror community - check the film's press page to see more.

Production on The Eternal is currently slated for early 2010, pending a number of possible scenarios. Skull World continues to be shot, with a new early trailer available on the official site.

The recently produced live video for Earache Records artist Oceano, A Mandatory Sacrifice, has been released on Youtube, and gained rotation on MTV USA, VH1 and MuchMusic. Also on the music video front, The Overfiend's video for Maiden has been added to rotation on MuchLoud.

Working Class Rock Star has been acquired for Canadian television by Peace Arch Entertainment. It is currently airing as instant VOD on Rogers-On-Demand, and will see further programming soon. The three UG shorts films, Ending The Eternal, Sleep Tight and Open Invitaiton, were all acquired for distribution by short film provider OuatMedia. They were then re-sold for broadcast on Movieola in Canada, and The Accesible Channel in the US. Keep an eye out for them!

Unstable Ground has also been offering editing and broadcast design services to powerhouse distributor Anchor Bay Canada. One piece of unfortunate news: the UG-produced DVD for Sumerian Records of the 2008 Summer Slaughter Tour has been shelved, due to internal reasons within the label. This is not a reflection of any of the great work and time the various crew members put into the project, it is strictly a business decision. The existing edits may eventually pop up elsewhere in the future, but no current guarantee of this stands.

We'll have much more to announce soon, so please keep checking back.

UG is busier than ever as we gear up to shoot The Eternal this fall. This will be the first widespread narrative feature film for the team, and is shaping up to be something exciting indeed. To support it's release we are also developing the full-length graphic novel The Eternal: Final Dawn. It will tell Samuel's entire 500 year history, leading up to the first moments of the feature film. More info, including exciting casting announcements, will be coming in the future.

Our new festival short Open Invitation is online and can be viewed in high res quicktime. The short turned out great, and we hope it'll make a big impact on festival crowds.

Additionally, there's plenty of other new UG video for your viewing pleasure. The new music video for The Overfiend's song "Maiden" can be seen here, and UG director Justin McConnell's newest reel is available here. Finally, a new colour-correction of The Eternal prequel "Ending The Eternal" can be watched here.

Working Class Rock Star continues to gain critical-acclaim (check out press), Skull World continues production, and the Summer Slaughter Tour 2008 DVD is currently in post production. Keep checking back for more updates.

Working Class Rock Star is now available on DVD to rent or buy anywhere in North America. For US fans, best bet for finding the film in store is: Hot Topic, FYE, Suncoast, Sam Goody. Canadians can try Wal Mart or HMV. The film also screened in Portland and Finland. We will be putting up a new press page soon with links to reviews of the film, as well as our other releases.

Ending The Eternal played in 6 film festivals throughout the fall, with great response overall. Please visit the homepage for more info and updates on future events and screenings. Of special note: short film distributor OuatMedia (Moviola, TMN) has acquired both Ending The Eternal and Sleep Tight for worldwide distribution.

Development of The Eternal continues, with some great movement and interest happening despite what can be best described as a very tough worldwide marketplace. Our resolve to bring this film to fans both new and old will not waiver in the face of economic turmoil.

Additionally, a new feature length documentary project, Skull World, is currently in long-term production. This will be an extremely entertaining film, and we're very happy subject Greg Sommer agreed to let us into his life. Finally, we're shooting a new short drama, Open Invitation, next week. More details will arrive soon.

This summer is one of the busiest in UG history. Leading up to it's November 11th release, Working Class Rock Star will be playing some film festival and special event screenings in various markets across North America. More details on this to follow. The film can now be pre-ordered on it's official site (for a limited time it comes with a free copy of Ending The Eternal on DVD!).

Our crews were in Milwaukee, WI this past weekend shooting the 2008 US edition of the Summer Slaughter Tour. The insane live footage recorded really captures the intensity of these top touring acts - fans are in for a treat with this DVD.

Our booth at this year's Rue Morgue Festival of Fear is shaping up to be a stop difficult to pass up. Loaded with artwork, DVDs & merchandise, sculpture & prosthetic work, it'll surely catch the eye of the discerning horror fan. Our first teaser poster for Deliver Us is now live, and artwork for our entire slate will be on display at the convention. Here is the official poster for the event (if you squint you can see the UG logo in the bottom right corner). We hope you'll come out and meet us.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the newest issue of Rue Morgue Magazine as well (Issue #81), as they have just given a rather favourable review to Ending The Eternal.

Finally, No Assembly Required's video for Pictures of You is online now.

The big news: UG has just signed a North American distribution deal with Cinema Epoch to release Working Class Rock Star in stores all over the continent! The feature-loaded DVD will hit stores everywhere on November 11, 2008. You should be able to pre-order the DVD from your favorite retailer a couple of months before then.

Simultaneously, we are currently writing the script for The Eternal, the feature-length follow-up to Ending The Eternal. Further information and artwork will be on display as part of our booth at this year's Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, so be sure to visit us at this massive show, taking place from August 22-24 at the Toronto Convention Centre.

Last but not least, long-time clients Dog Fashion Disco have commissioned UG to produce their posthumous farewell DVD for fans. The as-of-yet untitled release will be released September 12 through Rotten Records. This will be the third DVD release UG has produced for the band, and will include two live shows: their "Adultery" CD release party & their final concert. Both shows were filmed in Baltimore, Maryland by our crews. The DVD will be first sold at DFD's reunion concert in Baltimore on September 12th.

Business seems to be building and moving faster all the time, and there is once again much to tell. First of all, the Working Class Rock Star Toronto Premiere was last night at the beautiful Bloor Cinema (followed by an after party at the Annex Wreckroom). The premiere event was co-promoted by Inertia Entertainment, and UG would like to extend a huge thank you specifically to Noel Peters, who truly made this event happen. There is a second screening of the film at the Revue Cinema on Wednesday night (June 11, 9:30pm - $10). We would also like to extend our thanks to both Eye & Exclaim magazines for their coverage of the film. The Revue have kindly extended the company a great deal of press coverage lately, due to the exposure gained at their one-of-a-kind Drop Your Shorts events. Both Ending The Eternal and Sleep Tight were screened there, to unanimously positive response. Coverage has show up in their bi-weekly magazines twice, and can be viewed here and here.

No Assembly Required's video for "I Hate" has just started rotation on MuchMusic and MuchLoud. Watch for it to appear.

Finally, the Summer Slaughter Tour 2007 DVD was recently completed, and is eyeying a late summer release through Sumerian Records.

Big things happening recently at Unstable Ground. First of all, the Working Class Rock Star Toronto premiere is fast approaching (June 9th), so make sure to mark that on your calendar. It promises to be a huge event not to be missed! The documentary also recently played as the feature film of the month at Toronto's Wildsound Film Festival, screening at the NFB Centre on April 27th. A Q&A Session was held after the film with director Justin McConnell, and responses were unanimously positive. There is a fair bit of new press & news available on the redesigned documentary homepage, so head on over there to check it all out.

We have launched a website and teaser poster for our feature-length Ending The Eternal follow-up, The Eternal. More details on this project coming soon.

Last, but certainly not least, we have recently shot two music videos for the Toronto metal band No Assembly Required - "I Hate" & "Pictures of You". Both videos were shot on HD with the help of talented D.O.P. Pasha Patriki (who also recently lensed Ending The Eternal for UG). The shoots went off extremely well, and were a nice homecoming for us, as their video for "Shove" in 2003 was one of the first UG produced projects to receive national airplay. Expect to see these high impact videos soon.

The new Unstable Ground (V4) website is now online! Our new design reflects our new focus, as we are becoming heavily involved in feature film and television development in 2008. Please browse the new page at your leisure, there is a great deal of new content online. We are pleased to announce our official production slate of 3 films: The Eternal (follow-up to Ending The Eternal), Deliver Us, & New Generation. UG has a booth at this summer's Rue Morgue Festival of Fear to help promote these projects.

Working Class Rock Star is on it's way to release. We have a huge premiere event planned in Toronto on June 9th. It will also be playing as part of the Wildsound Feedback Festival at the end of April. Distributor discussions are ongoing, so expect to see the film finally hit stores near you later this year. UG will also be making a large mark on the international film festival scene with both WCRS and Ending The Eternal. Watch for either of these films at festivals near you!

Justin McConnell of UG will now be joining the production crew of the Travel Channel series Ship2Shore.tv. He will be in China and Russia during the month of June shooting episodes 2, 3 & 4. UG is also the official post-production house of the HD shot series. Also, we are currently in the middle of post for the Summer Slaughter Tour 2007 DVD, to be released this summer.

Press releases for Working Class Rock Star have been showing up on official wire services such as New York Times, Variety and Yahoo! Movies. Special thanks goes out to Baseline Studiosystems for making this possible. Expect the film to finally see release this year.

Happy Halloween! Ending The Eternal officially releases online today, and is featured as part of ScreamTV's indie horror movie marathon! Check it out, we hope you enjoy!

The rough cut of "Ending The Eternal" has been completed, with sound work starting soon. The official website (currently under construction) & teaser poster have been launched here. A premiere screening is being planned for the middle of October in Toronto (details forthcoming). This year for Halloween UG is bringing everyone a treat, however, as the high resolution online premiere of the short is scheduled for October 31st at 4:00pm E.S.T. Heavy promotion of this event will begin shortly, and special edition DVDs containing both "Ending The Eternal" and "Sleep Tight" will be available to order online around that time. Expect some great special features on the DVD.

UG will be shooting and producing an EPK DVD for the band Synastry in September.

Last but not least, the Sagework Media division is seeing a great increase in business since the opening of the new office environment. These are busy days at UG.

Principle photography on "Ending The Eternal" just wrapped up on the weekend, and we couldn't be happier with how everything went. So much talent was stuffed into such a small space over 3 long shoot days, the results of which you should be seeing soon. This is already by far the most impressive UG work to date, and sincerest thanks goes out to the entire cast and crew for making this what it already is. Now on to post-production! "Ending The Eternal" marks UG's first foray into editing TrueHD footage, and we can't wait to show you what we've created.

The summer months are looking rather busy at UG. Yesterday we completed a massive live concert recording for the Summer Slaughter Tour (featuring Necrophagist, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation, Ion Dissonance, etc.) to be featured on a newly developed UG produced tour DVD. The show was shot with 5 DVX100s at the Opera House in Toronto. Professional audio recording was contracted through UG, and the talented Zaragoza Brothers filled the job nicely. Wide release is expected.

In august we are shooting our new short film "Ending The Eternal", and recruiting a number of talented FX professionals to bring the insanity to life.

The big news - UG has expanded their office, purchased new equipment, and is now fully HD capable. Office photos forthcoming.

Lots happening at UG lately, with a number of large projects in various stages of development and our own Working Class Rock Star getting closer to release. We also will be publishing a new section on the site soon with our main crew roster, so that you can get to know a little about the core group that makes UG work.

It has been almost a year since the last news update. A great deal has happened since then, most notably with the now booming business provided through our Sagework Media wing. Working Class Rock Star is completed and seeking active distribution - expect to see this release in early 2007. We are very proud of the final piece.

On this, the last day of 2005, UG would like to look back and thank everyone that contributed to making this year so successful for us. From the release of two worldwide distributed DVDs to the creation of several music videos/short films, this has been one of our biggest years to date.

An extensive interview with UG's Justin McConnell is now online at DomainCleveland. Click here to go directly to it.

UG produced videos for Tub Ring's "Habitat" and "Bite The Wax Tadpole" are currently online at MTV2's homepage. Check under the "videos" section. Also, it appears that large chunks from the UG produced "Optics" DVD have been cut into the MTV2 produced Dew-Circuit Breakout show itself, and will be airing on the evening of November 29th (on MTV2). You can check out a preview of this now by going to MTV Overdrive, launching the player, and clicking on the Tub Ring profile.

UG crews recently shot Yellowcard's (Capitol Records) live set at the Phoenix in Toronto for LA based company Rocket Car Media. Footage will appear on the band's upcoming DVD. "Sleep Tight" is finished, and can be viewed in the media section.

Business has been picking up steadily with both UG and Sagework Media. We are currently working on a large EPK/press package for talented Montreal metallers 3 Mile Scream, as well as video pre-production for Deterrence, iFORANi and Heavily Medicated. Our short "Sleep Tight" was shot last night, and the footage looks great. Look for it to appear online soon.

The Unstable Ground V3 site-design is now live. Take a look around and check out some of the newly offered media and easier to maneuver menus. Some older/unreleased UG short films have been added to the site. These by no means reflect the current quality of UG work, but are a fun watch anyway.

The website for Unstable Ground's corporate video division, Sagework Media, has just gone live. From this point forward Sagework will handle all of UG's corporate and commercial business, leaving the original company to focus more on artistic film and video production. Expect a completely revamped UG homepage by the end of summer, to accompany some of our newest releases.

Tub Ring's upcoming UG-produced CD/DVD set "Optics and Sonics" is now set for a late June release. The masters have been delivered to the band and now it's only a matter of time to wait for replication. This is some of our most detailed and intensive work to date, so make sure to pick up your copy when it is released worldwide in a couple of months. The "Habitat" video will be released on TV and through this website a couple of weeks after the DVD release, to give the die-hard fans a chance to see the video first.

We have begun pre-production on an as-of-yet Untitled short horror film. Ending The Eternal and Foster's Bane are still on our production slate, but have been pushed back while we take care of the looming client-based work. Working Class Rock Star will most likely see a late-summer release, more on this later.

UG has expanded it's operations to accept more webpage based work than in the past. Check out this page we recently designed for Toronto metal band Heavily Medicated. We are also planning our fourth UG Showcase event for sometime in August. Expect an amazing line-up, as well as all of our most recent work projected on a big screen for all to see.

The "Habitat" video shoot was a big success. This video will be unlike anything UG has done in the past, and should be edited and finished in a couple of weeks. Thanks to the crew for contributing their time, and to the great Tub Ring fans that travelled from as far as Indianapolis to help make it.

Now for some big news. Unstable Ground, Inc. is opening a new division of the corporation entitled Sagework Media. This division will handle all of our corporate and commercial work, leaving Unstable Ground to focus primarily on artistic media production, such as music videos and films. This decision has come after the realization that the work of UG exists in two very seperate worlds, and therefore this distinction must be made clearer. A new Sagework Media website will be launched soon.

The video for Tub Ring's "Habitat" will be shot this weekend. Pre-production has gone very well, with some very interesting looking puppets and sets created by the talented team at Second Skin. We'll have the video and a "making-of" documentary online following the release of the upcoming UG-produced Tub Ring DVD.

UG crews were in Baltimore with Dog Fashion Disco recently during the scoring sessions for Paul Schrader's cut of "Exorcist: The Beginning". Hours of great behind-the-scenes footage was recorded, including an extensive interview with the legendary writer/director (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Last Temptation of Christ, Auto Focus).

Archived News