Best Of Festival - Metropolitan Film Festival of New York
The Lair of Filth - #10 on '20 Favorite Films of 2011'
Best Of Festival - Crypticon Minneapolis 2011
Best Feature - Crypticon Seattle 2012
Best Feature Film Showcase - Moving Image Film Festival
Nomination - Best Actor (John Fantasia) Buffalo Screams 2011
Nomination - Killer Score & Cinematography - Killer Film Fest 2011
Honorable Mention - Boston SciFilm Film Festival
Ten Canadian Genre Filmmakers To Watch 2012

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RueMorgue - Sinister Seven w/ Justin McConnell
Fangoria Issue #311 (March 2012) - Notes From the Underground
Fangoria Issue #309 (January 2012) - Article
Ain't It Cool News - interview w/ Justin McConnell
Fangoria - interview w/ Justin McConnell
Space TV'S "Innerspace" - The Collapsed segment
Naked News - segment on The Collapsed (NSFW)
G4TV's "Electric Playground" - The Collapsed segment
TheLairOfFilth - interview with John Fantasia & crew
HorrorNews - Interview w/ Justin McConnell
Daily Dead - Interview
Dread Central - Interview
Mack At The Movies - Interview
Biff Bam Pop - video interview
WSGO 990AM Radio - interview (part 1) / Part 2
HorrorQuest Podcast - Ep 15 - Justin McConnell
Creep Show Radio - Interview w/ Justin McConnell (1 hour in)
Press+1 - The Collapsed creators at Calgary Comic Expo 2012
Gruesome Hertzogg - audio int. John Fantasia, Lise Moule, Justin
ScreamWave Podcast #37.5 - The Collapsed Q&A (spoiler warning)
JohnHoff3 - interview w/ Justin McConnell
FernTV - extensive interview w/ director Justin McConnell
HorrorNewsNetwork - interview w/ Justin McConnell
G4TV's "EP Daily" - full episode w/ The Collapsed
CriticizeThis - audio interview w/ director
Fangoria - exclusive stills, trailer, release info
Fangoria - Filmmaker talks "The Collapsed" / first still
Twitchfilm - Behind the Scenes Article
Fangoria - Filmmaker talks distribution/sales
Big Daddy Horror Reviews - interview w/ director
Toronto Star - For The Love of Gore (web version) /
Toronto Star - PDF Version (print article scanned)

Fangoria - new trailer, North American release date
The Lair of Filth - new trailer, North American release date
ArrowInTheHead - new trailer, North American release date
DreadCentral - new trailer, North American release date
DailyDead - new trailer, North American release date
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MortalGore - AFM 2011 sales
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Fangoria - Anchor Bay Canada acquisition
ScreenDaily - Raven Ranner/Anchor Bay deal
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ArtVoice - Buffalo Screams preview
QuietEarth - The Collapsed/Neverlost/Bounty Hunters
Mahalo - trailer review
AntesMuerto (Spain) - trailer (Russia) - trailer
Fangoria - screening dates / US premiere / thanks
RueMorgue - apocalypse comes to Toronto
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Ain't It Cool News - US premiere listing - screening info
SwerveCalgary - screening info & recommendation
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CBC George Stroumboulopoulis - weekend breakdown
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LatestMovieHeadlines - The Collapsed
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Screendaily - Raven Banner acquires "The Collapsed"
Twitchfilm - Raven Banner acquires "The Collapsed"
Bloody-Disgusting - Raven Banner acquires "The Collapsed"
Arrow-In-The-Head - Raven Banner acquires "The Collapsed"
DreadCentral - Raven Banner acquires "The Collapsed"
BigDaddy'sHorror - Raven Banner acquires "The Collapsed"
28 Days Later Analysis - Raven Banner acquires "The Collapsed"
The Horror News - Raven Banner acquires "The Collapsed"
BeyondHollywood - stylishly apocalyptic
DreadCentral - AFM 2010 - trailer & poster
GeekTyrant - AFM 2010 - trailer & poster
Renerd - The Collapsed is coming
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BloodyDisgusting - trailer & one-sheet
QuietEarth - trailer & one-sheet
AlmasOscuras (Spain) - story & impressions
CineGear - Trailer and Poster
Big Daddy Horror Reviews - one-sheet & AFM trailer
ShockTillYouDrop - AFM one-sheet & trailer
Arrow-In-The-Head: First trailer online
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AOL Video - first trailer
MattTrailer - first tralier now online
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IVid (Italy) - The Collapsed trailer
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VivaLaGeek - trailer & one sheet
EstrenosCinema (Spain) - 2010 terror
CinemaniaBlog (Spain) - trailer of new terror film
CelebriFi - Collapsed AFM trailer & artwork
28 Days Later Analysis - one-sheet & trailer
Horror-Asylum - AFM trailer
Blackfear (Germany) - trailer
MasallaDeOrion (Spain) - trailer & poster
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OhMyGore (France) - The Collapsed
HorrorBlog (Germany) - trailer & poster
BloodyDisgusting - post production begins on "The Collapsed"
Arrow-In-The-Head: First "The Collapsed" images - First stills online
ShockTillYouDrop - Indiewatch: first stills online
DreadCentral - first stills
QuietEarth - first stills
Brutal As Hell - first stills & impressions
Twitchfilm - Bring on the Apocalypse
DreadCentral - "Eternal" on hold / "Collapsed" shooting
ShockTillYouDrop - Indiewatch: The Collapsed
QuietEarth - story
Big Daddy Horror Reviews - announcing The Collapsed


The Greenlight - Interview w/ Justin McConnell
The Greenlight - Interview w/ Adam Kenneth Wilson

G4TV's Electric Playground - Unstable Ground/Eternal (segment)
G4TV's Electric Playground - Unstable Ground/Eternal (full episode)
Bloody Disgusting - Impressive AFM Teaser Trailer
Spartan Radio - actor Adam Wilson interview
Arrow In The Head - Eternal teaser trailer
Twitch - Eternal AFM Teaser Trailer
Almas Oscuras (Spain) - Announcing The Eternal
Sheleigh - Festival of Fear Interview w/ The Eternal Creators
GothicParadise (Germany) - promising vampire action (France) - teaser trailer
FilmWeb (Poland) - 'Eternal' from Canada
Extracine (Spain) - 'Eternal' gore in Toronto
Nido De Cuervos (Spain) - bloody 'The Eternal' trailer
Gildia Horroru (Poland) - AFM teaser
Opium (Poland) - "The Eternal" excitement
Splattergramma (Italy) - Eternal story (Germany) - Eternal teaser trailer - Toronto After Dark Interview w/ Creators
Splattlog (Italy) - trailer and project announcement
Escalofrio (Spain) - 'Ending the Eternal' prequel
Netflix - 'The Eternal' placeholder page
Movie-licious! (Korea) - 'Ending the Eternal' prequel video
Niezte Kino (Poland) - This vampire is bloody and angry! (Spain) - The Eternal
Guide.SuperEva (Italy) - The death of a vampire
Wappy! (Spain) - "The Eternal" coming
Therapy of Terror (Spain) - "The Eternal" teaser trailer
FilmyOK (Poland) - "The Eternal" teaser trailer
Oh My Gore - AFM Special - Eternal coverage
HorrorBlog (Germany) - Eternal AFM Trailer
Film Reporter - New trailer for 'The Eternal' - trailer announcement
ShockTillYouDrop - Teaser Trailer & Artwork for AFM
mas alla do Orion (Spain) - AFM coverage
DreadCentral - AFM Teaser Trailer
Dominion Post - Adam K Wilson as Charles Manson, Page 2
All Things Horrible - Graphic Novel Preview
Comic Monsters - interview w/ Justin McConnell
Comic Monsters - behind the scenes w/ Justin Erickson
Bloody Disgusting - prequel "Ending The Eternal"
Bloody Disgusting - "The Eternal: Final Dawn" preview

Twitch - "The Eternal: Final Dawn" graphic novel

Dread Central - Announcing "The Eternal: Final Dawn"
Comic Monsters - "The Eternal: Final Dawn"
Famous Monsters of Filmland - Creepy Casting
Arrow In The Head - Eternal F-hooker
FearNET - James Lorinz joins "The Eternal"
Dread Central - Frankenhooker star returns
Bloody Disgusting - Eternal lands James Lorinz
ShockTillYouDrop - Flick lands Frankenhooker vet
Twitch - First Bit 'O' Casting on "The Eternal"
Dread Central - Unstable Ground Announces "The Eternal"
Fangoria - Unstable Ground slate announcement
Bloody Disgusting - "The Eternal" announced
Twitch - Unstable Ground slate announcement
ShockTillYouDrop - Unstable Ground slate coverage


Film-O-Filia - Cannes 2011: new trailer
Twitchfilm - new trailer & info
SpikedNation - new trailer
WarsEverywhere - newest trailer
OntarioYoursToUncover - Cannes 2011: Skull World
MyFelm - new trailer
Screendaily - Raven Banner acquires "Skull World"
Twitchfilm - Raven Banner acquires "Skull World"
Bloody-Disgusting - Raven Banner acquires "Skull World"
Arrow-In-The-Head - Raven Banner acquires "Skull World"
DreadCentral - Raven Banner acquires "Skull World"
BigDaddy's Horror - Raven Banner acquires "Skull World"
28 Days Later Analysis - Raven Banner acquires "Skull World"
The Horror News - Raven Banner acquires "Skull World"
Fangoria - Filmmaker talks distribution/sales
Twitchfilm - Hold onto your Skulls! Second trailer.
AnimalNewYork - Skull World Box Wars Doc Reigns
Twitchfilm - First trailer (2009)


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PRESS CLIPPINGS/MEDIA: - Interview w/ Justin McConnell - Interview w/ Justin McConnell
SEE Magazine - article
Fazer Magazine - Interview w/ Justin McConnell
Decibel Magazine - October 2008 - "Reality Bites"
Issue Zero - Toronto Premiere Coverage
Extreme Aggression TV - Director & Band Interviews

Issue Zero - Premiere Pre-Coverage
R Magazine - Vol 3 (Revue Cinema) screening coverage
R Magazine - Vol 2 (Revue Cinema Toronto) cover story
Hollywood Music TV feature/interview (audio podcast)
Wildsound after-screening Q&A (w/ Justin McConnell)

Fazer Magazine (article)'s "The Show" Interview (w/ Justin McConnell)
Domain Cleveland - Interview with Justin McConnell (from 2005)


Rue Morgue Magazine (Issue #81)
Movie Moxie
Our Lady of Perpetual Hell (Blog)
Issue Zero (w/ bonus video interview)
Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind
Wildsound (winner - Best Film, Best Cinematography)

Wildsound - podcast (w/ Adam Wilson)
Wildsound - podcast (w/ Justin McConnell)
Wildsound - "Ending The Eternal" feedback


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