John Fantasia (Scott Weaver)

A talented actor, Scott brings a great deal of intensity to the lead role. IMDb

Steve Vieira (Aaron Weaver)

A great up-and-coming actor, and strong presence. IMDb

Lise Moule (Emily Weaver)

Lise's work and talent make her the only choice to play the matriarch of the family. IMDb
Anna Ross (Rebecca Weaver)

An accomplished actress on-screen and stage, Anna is a name to watch. IMDb
Vincent Thomas (John Portmeyer)

Vincent is both an accomplished actor, and stunt coordinator. IMDb
Stefano Gallo (Phil)

As an actor, Stefano brings an undeniable presence to the screen. IMDb
Kassandra Santos (Karyn)

A talented actress that lights up the screen. IMDb
Neil Green (Peter)

Neil is an up and coming performer to watch. IMDb
Rick Cordeiro (Ben)

An impressive resume of credits and undeniable character will make Richard a scene-stealer. IMDb
Justin McConnell (director, producer, co-writer)

Justin follows his last national-release feature film Working Class Rock Star with THE COLLAPSED. IMDb
Kevin Hutchinson (art director/designer, co-writer)

Kevin is a talented prosthetic make-up artist with access to every major FX crew in Toronto. He is spearheading the artistic. IMDb, Homepage
Pasha Patriki (director of photography)

Pasha is an award-winning Russian cinematographer with years of experience and an impressive catalogue of work.
IMDb, Homepage
Rob Kleiner (composer)

A member of the well-known underground band Tub Ring, Rob has started to build a great body of film scoring work. He wrote the score for Ending The Eternal, and the end credit song "What Part of Forver" for TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE. IMDb, Homepage
Geoff Hill (practical FX, pyro, environmental)

Experienced and creative, Geoff has worked on tons of large productions, including Flashpoint, Pontypool, Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead. IMDb
Carlos Henriques (SFX make-up)

Highly-experienced "guru-of-gore", having provided effects for dozens of films. IMDb
Emily Skoggard (Make-up artist)

Talented artist helped greatly in bringing the physical distress of the characters to the screen. IMDb , Portfolio
Omar Hauksson (poster design)

World-renowned graphic artist known to create one-sheets for many high profile projects. View online gallery
Nick Flook (VFX supervisor)

Extremely-talented VFX artist helps make the post-apocalyptic world come to life. IMDb