Unstable Ground offers multiple production and post-production services to clients worldwide. Our low-overhead, ‘staff only when needed’ approach results in extremely reasonable pricing, while delivering services that rival the best in the business. In the event we are unable to meet your request in-house, our extensive network of vendors and partners can meet any need. With over 15 years in operation, and high-profile clients from around the world, Unstable Ground is a ‘one stop shop’ production and post-production solution, based in Toronto, Canada.

We are also a full-service production and development company, with a number of films already in release worldwide. From narrative features to documentaries, short films to music videos, we strive to produce quality entertainment suitable for the world market. In addition to what is listed on our site, we currently host a slate of projects in various stages of development, regularly attend film markets (ie. Cannes, AFM, Frontieres), and work hard to get our filmed entertainment to the world at large.

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Justin McConnell

Justin is an accomplished artist who splits his time equally in multiple forms of media – as a producer/director of feature films and home entertainment (The Collapsed, Working Class Rock Star, Skull World), in providing a growing list of high-profile clients with every production/post solution available (ie. Anchor Bay Entertainment, Artsploitation, Raven Banner, VSC), as the lead programmer of the monthly horror short-film festival LITTLE TERRORS (which he co-runs with Rue Morgue Magazine), as a Programmer & Print Traffic for TORONTO AFTER DARK FILM FESTIVAL, as an acquisitions rep for Canadian distributors RAVEN BANNER ENTERTAINMENT and INDIECAN ENTERTAINMENT, and writer for RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE.

Most notably, Justin has four feature films in distribution: the well-received horror/thriller ‘The Collapsed’ (released in over 12 countries worldwide, via companies such as Anchor Bay & Lions Gate), the counter-culture documentary ‘Skull World’ (available worldwide), the dark comedy ‘Junkie’ (producer only), and the documentary ‘Working Class Rock Star’. Having recently executive produced the Paul Sorvino/Robert Knepper crime drama ‘Cold Deck’ (released via Screen Media and Northern Banner), and currently in production on his new documentary ‘Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business’, he has multiple features currently in various stages of development, including 2014 Fantasia Off-Frontières selection ‘Mark of Kane’ (based on the NY Times Bestselling novel).

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