Monthly Archives: July 2015

Long time, no post…

The reality of basically self-producing a feature length documentary while simultaneously working full-time within the film industry means that some of the social media and web posting can fall by the wayside. Especially this early in the game (while production is still ongoing and we are a year out from release). This is just a general update stating that production on this documentary has continued steadily, including trips to Brussels and Cannes. Over 70 interviews have been collected at this point, with even more at the upcoming Fantasia Film Festival later this month.

We have recently had some great new key art created by Small Dog Design, which we will be unveiling in August, along with some other big news. Until that time, this site will remain basically quiet. The documentary has a very ambitious future ahead of it, and soon this site will spring to new life.

In the meantime, you can listen to me talk more about the plans for this film on the Craft Truck Podcast.