Four new festivals!

We are excited to announce the film will soon play four new festivals, from all over the world. Two are virtual events, and two are actual seated public events! First up, we are playing on demand across Canada throughout the entire Fantasia Film Festival (up to 1200 available tickets – full schedule here and festival FAQs here). Next, we are playing Night Visions in Helsinki, Finland on both August 21st and 22nd, in an actual cinema! Then, we hit the United States for a special sneak preview at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival on August 27th, 6:30pm (actual event screening, reduced capacity audience in a safety conscious venue). Finally, we have our UK premiere at Frightfest on August 30th, 1pm (virtually, geo-blocked to the territory). We are very thankful to all these festivals for giving us a chance, and hope you get a chance to see the film at one of them!

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