Interviewees (Text Only Version)

The following is a TEXT ONLY list of interview subjects recorded so far, in no particular order. For graphical with links, click here.

James Lorinz (actor – Frankenhooker, Street Trash)
Sid Haig (actor – Spider Baby, The Devil’s Rejects)
Adam Lopez (Festival Founder – Toronto After Dark)
JR Grassby (Owner – Big Daddy’s DVD Shop)
Karen Lam (director – Evangeline, The Meeting)
George A. Romero (director – Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead)
Noboru Iguchi (director – Dead Sushi, Live, The Machine Girl)
John McNaughton (director – Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer)
Mitch Davis (programmer – Fantasia Film Festival)
Stepahine Trepanier (coordinator/programmer – Fantasia Film Festival)
Michael Gingold (Managing Editor – Fangoria)
Travis Stevens (producer – Cheap Thrills, Starry Eyes, Jodorowsky’s Dune)
Ross Dinerstein (producer – The Divide, The Pact, Mr Jones)
Alexandra Marvar (public liaison, VHX)
Peter Kuplowsky (programmer – TIFF, Toronto After Dark / producer – BioCop, The Void)
Julian Richards (director – The Last Horror Movie, CEO – Jinga Films)
Buddy Giovinazzo (director – Combat Shock)
Todd E. Freeman (director – Love Sick, Cell Count)
Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead (directors – Spring, Resolution)
Brian Udovich (producer – The Wackness, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane)
Garrick Dion (producer – Drive, Whiplash)
Andrew Parker (critic/writer – Dork Shelf)
Gregory Lamberson (director – Slime City, author – Jake Helman Files)
Chad Archibald (director – The Drownsman, CEO – Black Fawn Films)
Tom Savini (legendary director/FX artist)
Keith Stata (owner – Highlands Cinemas & Film Museum)
Chris Alexander (editor – Fangoria, director – Queen of Blood)
Jason Joly (founder – CineCoup/ComedyCoup, producer – Wolfcop)
Danny Webber (entertainment laywer, Hall Webber LLP)
Serena Whitney (co-writer/co-producer – Mark of Kane, writer – Dreadcentral)
Jeff Glickman (producer, Sudden Storm Productions – Cold Deck, When Jews Were Funny)
Jesse Ikeman (producer, Sudden Storm Productions – Cold Deck, When Jews Were Funny)
Zack Bernbaum (director, Cold Deck, And Now A Word From Our Sponsor)
Stefano Gallo (director/exec. producer/writer/actor – Cold Deck)
Todd Brown (Founder – Twitchfilm, Producer – XYZ Films, The Raid)
Ingrid Hamilton (founder/publicist – GAT PR)
Steve Kostanski (director – Manborg, Bio-Cop, ABCs of Death 2)
Dave Alexander (Editor-in-Chief, Rue Morgue Magazine)
Chris Nash (director – ABCs of Death 2, Skinfections Trilogy)
Vincenzo Natali (director – Cube, Splice, Darknet)
Ayah Norris (Canadian rep, Indiegogo)
George Mihalka (director – My Bloody Valentine, 24 Hour Rental)
Dick Miller (actor – Gremlins, Bucket of Blood, The Howling)
Elijah Drenner (director – That Guy Dick Miller, American Grindhouse)
Corey Moosa (producer – All Is Lost, Margin Call, The Chair, Banshee Chapter)
Eric England (director – Contracted, Get the Girl, Madison County)
Jon Reiss (author – Think Outside the Box Office, director – Bomb It!)
Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kolsch (directors – Starry Eyes)
Marc Manus (manager – Manus Entertainment)
Adam Mason (director – The Devil’s Chair, Blood River, Hangman / writer – Fear Followers)
Tom Holland (director – Child’s Play, Fright Night)
Patricia Chica (director – Wolverine Hotel, Serpent’s Lullaby)
Rob Kleiner (composer – The Collapsed, Stuck / producer/writer for record industry)
John Fantasia (actor – The Collapsed)
Jovanka Vuckovic (director – XX, Jacqueline Ess, The Captured Bird)
Brian Yuzna (producer – ReAnimator, From Beyond, Warlock, Dolls)
Bennett Jones (director/writer/actor – I Am A Knife With Legs)
Bryan Brucks (manager – Luber Roklin / producer – Scouts vs Zombies, Blended)
Brian Trenchard-Smith (director – Turkey Shoot, Drive Hard, Dead End Drive-In, Night of the Demons 2)
Rodrigo Gudino (founder – Rue Morgue Magazine, director – The Last Testament of Rosalind Leigh)
Colin Geddes (programmer – TIFF Midnight Madness & Vanguard, Owner – Ultra 8 Pictures)
Josh C. Waller (partner – SpectreVision, Director – Raze, McCanick)
Jonny Bunning (social media specialist)
Annick Mahnert (acquisitions consultant – Screen Division, Raven Banner)
Darryl Shaw (director – Greater Than, Android Re-Enactment, M is for Merman)
Avi Lerner (CEO/founder – Millennium Films/Nu Image, producer – The Expendables franchise)
David Muñoz (writer/co-director – Fist of Jesus, Brutal Relax)
Jordan Fields (associated vice president of acquisitions – Shout Factory/Scream Factory)
Yazid Benfeghoul, Marc Fehse, Carsten Fehse (creative team – Sky Sharks)
Andrew Van Den Houten (producer – The Woman, Jug Face / founder – Tentsquare, Moderncine)
Tony Timpone (editor emiritus – Fangoria, Co-Director of International Programming – Fantasia)
Larry Fessenden (producer/director – Habit, Wendigo, The Last Winter / CEO – Glass Eye Pix)
Peter Phok (producer – Stake Land, The Innkeepers, The Sacrament / producer – Glass Eye Pix)
Daisy Hamilton (Head of Acquisitions – Tricoast Worldwide)
Dean Cundey (cinematographer – Jurassic Park, Halloween, Escape from New York)
Mette-Marie Katz (director of sales – XYZ Films)
Tim League (CEO – Drafthouse Films/Alamo Drafthouse, Co-Founder – Fantastic Fest)
Raynor Shima, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Shane McKenzie (Luchagore Productions, El Gigante)
Keith Leopard (CEO – Uncork’d Entertainment)

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