Unstable Ground provides Blu-Ray & DVD authoring to a long list of clients, including multiple established distributors and independent filmmakers. For a more extensive listing of releases authored by us, visit Justin McConnell’s IMDb here. Select releases are shown below:

000 turbokidUSAtalesofhalloween 001 turbokidCDNbunny-the-killer-thing 002 deathgasm 003 cub 004 lightningbug 005 theeditor 006 wacken 88a-baskina-jeruzalem a little bit zombie bloodyknuckles bountyhuntersb-resultsc-american-conjuringb-the-hoarder cellcount chloeandtheo collapseddersamurai draculac-black-mountain-sidedemolisherc-late-night-double-feature  ghostsinourmachinege2-blu hookedup horsehead hotbot howtosaveus junkie monsterbrawl motivationalgrowthend-of-days-inchowtoplananorgymission-to-larsroad-hardmissionaryneverlost PeaceOut pokernight airbud4dvdpreservation pudsey relativehappiness skullworld Solo-3d-art thatguydickmiller thecanal thestranger trulove x shelbysummerslaughter2007 wcrsdfdvddfdvdii

For older authoring work visit our previous website here (under Releases > Retail Blu-Ray & DVD Authoring).