Unstable Ground has years of live event coverage and EPK creation experience under our belt. From multi-camera coverage to intensive documentary, we have access to experienced crew and top-of-the-line equipment. Some small samples are below, but for a great deal more, click here to visit our previous site (under ‘Releases > EPK’ and ‘Releases > Live Promo Video’ respectively). Examples of our multi-camera live music coverage can also be found in the music video section of this site, by clicking here, or this Youtube playlist.

Dog Fashion Disco – Envy the Vultures (live)

Summer Slaughter Tour 2007

The Catalyst – EPK 2011

Dog Fashion Disco – DFDVD II – Desert Grave (live)

The Catalyst – Devil in Disguise (live)

Watch even more samples by clicking here and looking under ‘Releases > EPK’ and ‘Releases > Live Promo Video’